African Headteachers Visit St.Joseph’s

We had some interesting visitors last week.  Due to the excellent teaching and facilities we provide at St Joseph’s, 20 Nigerian Head Teachers descended on the school to learn how we teach and set up our classroom environments in England.  As our school already has strong links with Africa and many other worldwide nations the children immediately warmed to the guests and asked questions enthusiastically about their schools in Africa.  Two of the children from Year 5 who acted as hosts and showed the group around have families from Nigeria.

The group from Nigeria are visiting England with a programme set up through the University of Nottingham.  Theresa Okafor, the researcher in charge of the trip, said: “We had a most enriching experience…We learnt so much from the classroom displays, seating arrangements and class observation, it was truly a learning experience.”  She is keen for some of the group to return and receive more training from the teachers at St Joseph’s.   Mrs Boyer said “It was so wonderful to make links with schools in Africa and we loved sharing our knowledge and experience.  We hope to keep in touch.”

Posted in General News, School News Archive 2014/15.