Overseas pupils

Here at St. Joseph's we welcome pupils from all over the world and are proud of the cultural variety that this brings to our school community.

Settling in
From Headteacher to teachers, support staff and children we all make every effort, to help our overseas pupils settle in happily to life at school. All new pupils have a ‘shadow’ – a child of similar age – who looks after the new pupil and shows him/her around for as long as is necessary. The shadow and the new pupil often become good friends. Even if there is a language barrier at first, our experience is that a smile and a few hand signals can quickly put the new pupil at ease. All our staff, both in the main school and nursery have a  specific responsibility for the well-being of overseas pupils, so please rest assured that their needs will always be sensitively met.

St Joseph’s menu is varied and nutritious. If a special diet is required, we would do what we could to accommodate the children's and family wishes, but experiencing British food is part of the cultural experience for foreign pupils, and rarely do they ask for any special dishes.

English as an Additional Language
If English is not the child’s first language, our staff are here to help. English language tuition can be provided both individually or in small groups, allowing pupils time to acquire the skills they need at their own pace, until they are fully integrated into all aspects of school life.




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Both my children have enjoyed their time at St Josephs immensely - the skills that they have learnt at school have had an amazing impact on their self-confidence 


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