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St Joseph’s School was founded in 1934 by The Sisters of Mercy, an order of nuns resident in the now converted convent behind the school. The initial aim was to provide an excellent education for the children of Nottingham’s Catholic community. At that point, and up until 1990, the school had institutional ties to the Diocese and Saint Barnabas’ Cathedral.The Sisters of Mercy relinquished control of the school in 1990 to a Trust made up of parents and civic-minded individuals who, to this day, remain guardians of its traditional ethos and high standards.

Even though the Trust now holds the freehold of the land and buildings, it is still faithful to the school's heritage, whilst positively embracing the multi-cultural society in which we live today. We welcome children from many faiths and value their contribution in creating a wide and diverse cultural mix. As a multicultural school, we praise and pray together, each in our own way and recognise that we all have an equally valued role to play in our small “family” community.

There have been many other developments over the years; one of which is the introduction of the 51-week Nursery, giving a first class, well-equipped and managed unit so close to the centre of Nottingham. 

St Joseph’s has always maintained positive and close relationships with other highly regarded state and independent senior schools in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We pride ourselves in sending quality candidates forward and the children who leave us regularly achieve scholarships. In addition, we always get excellent feedback from these schools about the educational foundations laid whilst at St Josephs and the children’s subsequent progress in the next stage of their education.

St. Joseph’s always looks to the future, We have a proud history and are always looking to provide new opportunities for children to succeed So, as well as the recognised team sports, you will also find archery, squash and ice skating on offer. The arts are not forgotten either; we offer dance, drama, musical activities and are renowned for our theatrical productions.


 Pupils of St' Josephs School

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Our children have been going to St Joseph's for their whole school lives. They love it there and we are proud to be associated with the school.”

Charlotte Louise Slater


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