Nursery Security

Entry to our school and nursery is gained by using an intercom system, which should not cause any inconvenience or delay.  It is there to regulate all comings and goings on the premises when the Administrations staff are not there.  The main entrance door is locked at all times and is opened by a door release system when a member of staff has checked your identity.  We encourage all parents not to let other individuals or parents access to the building by walking in behind you, everyone must be identified before entering.

Upon entry to our Nursery you will be asked to provide a password for your child known only to yourself and any authorised person who may pick up on your behalf.  We ask that you inform a member of staff when you drop off that someone else is picking up you must ensure that they have the appropriate password.  Even though this may be inconvenient we will not let a child go unless we are sure the person collecting the child has permission from the parents and is in possession of the password.  Our first concern is for the safety and welfare of the child in our care.