Mr A Crawshaw, Head Teacher

Mr Crawshaw was appointed as the new head teacher of St Joseph’s in April 2015.  Having qualified as a teacher in 1992 from Nottingham Polytechnic (as was), he worked in several different schools in the state sector across the primary age range.  Having crossed the threshold for effective teaching in 2000, he went onto to be awarded his National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) in December 2003, taking on his first full headship in 2007.  Mr Crawshaw also underwent training for Ofsted in 2013/14 but decided that wasn’t a future career path in the current climate of education.

Out of school Mr Crawshaw enjoys walking, skiing, golf and spending time with his family. Until recently he also played drums in a covers band.

In partnership with the staff, parents  trustees and children, it is Mr Crawshaw’s mission to help ensure St Joseph’s offer the best lifelong education possible and prepares all our pupils for a happy and successful future.

Mrs S Leverington, The Oaks Teacher

Mrs S  Leverington is our Oaks class teacher. She has been at St. Joseph’s since September 2012.  She completed her P.G.C.E at the University of Derby and is qualified to teach children up to the age of 11. During her training, Mrs Leverington taught throughout KS1 and KS2.

Being the Literacy Co-Ordinator for the school, Mrs Leverington loves writing and reading and would one day love to have a published book.  Outside of school, Mrs Leverington spends her time at the gym, and travelling the world.

Miss Melvill-Smith, The Chestnuts Teacher

Miss Melvill-Smith is a passionate, vivacious teacher who originally hails from  South Africa where she developed a love for teaching. She obtained her BPirimEd degree as well as a post-graduate degree in Educational and Learning Support. Leading mathematics and literacy with her colleagues, she has developed creative and fun ways to teach and learn whilst prioritising pupil attainment across the school.

In her spare time, Miss Melvill-Smith loves keeping active. In the winter months, she plays hockey and, when the weather warms up, she enjoys being out on her mountain bike.

Mrs E Boyer – Early Years Teacher

Mrs Boyer has been at St. Joseph’s since 2006. She has a Primary P.G.C.E and previously worked in other schools and nurseries in the Nottingham area, she is also a qualified Nursery Nurse.

Mrs Boyer has worked with classes right throughout the Primary Sector but particularly with Early Years and Infants. In 2010 she gained Early Years Professional status and in 2012 completed the Middle Leadership Development Programme.

Madame Pascale Naturel, French Teacher

Madame Naturel is a native French teacher and specialises in teaching French to primary aged children. She has been teaching in Primary Schools since 2009.
She also privately tutors all ages.
Last year, one of her pupils, who has never taken French at school, achieved an A* in their French GCSE exam.

Mrs E Cahoon, The Hollies Teacher

Mrs Cahoon has taught at St. Joseph’s since September 2012, prior to this  she taught in a number of Independent Schools such as Waverley House, Mountford House and Greenholme School.

She qualified with a BA (Hons) degree in 3 dimensional design, which was completed in N.Ireland. She then completed a P.G.C.E at Leicester University.

Mrs Cahoon teaches the year 3/4 class for part of the week and also teaches art across the Key Stages.