Page 9 - St Joseph's School - Prospectus

Nursery & reception, ages 3-5
We are pleased to welcome children from
the age of 12 months old to our Nursery unit,
which is made up of three age defined rooms;
Rainbows, Sunflowers and Pre-Prep. We follow
the Early Years Foundation Stage programme
and provide different and developing
experiences in each of the rooms.
In the Rainbow Room, the children can join
us from 12 months and are encouraged in
emotional development and exploration of
their environment in a safe and secure setting
with well-qualified and familiar staff. They have
access to the gym for movement and singing
sessions with our music staff.
Depending on developmental needs and
birthdays, by the time they are two years old,
the children move, following familiarisation
visits, to Sunflower Room where potty
training takes place and children take part
in a variety of activities to encourage their
growing independence and mutual respect for
each other and their belongings. Additional
activities such as taking part in Mass and
assemblies take place. Upon reaching the age
of three, children will move to Pre-Prep where
they take part in more teacher-led activities in
preparation for joining Reception class. They
still learn much through play but are beginning
to use workbooks and study phonics and
numbers as well as practicing their fine motor
skills. More activities are introduced such as
French, karate club and squash.
The next class is Reception. Under the caring
and watchful eyes of their teacher and
teaching assistant the children are encouraged
to move from a predominantly play-based to a
more structured learning environment where
they come across more subject-based learning.
They are now “at school”, ready to succeed
and blossom in St Joseph’s.