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St Joseph
s Prospectus
Key stage 1
Years 1 & 2, infants aged 5-7
The next two years in St Joseph’s School sees
the continuing growth and development of
our children. By now, as they join the Infants
Department, they are ready to accept full classroom
teaching and take part in a wide range of activities.
Academic, sporting and cultural activities are all
actively encouraged and children will meet more
teachers for specialist subject teaching. Children are
taught in mixed ability groups with differentiation
within the classroom and specialised provision
made for those children who need a helping
hand from time to time via our dedicated team
of support staff. We take part in the Key Stage
assessments at the end of Year 2 and believe
that the best way to achieve success is through
developing a wide range of skills and confidence.
We encourage children to speak in public, take
part in Assemblies in front of the whole school and
to be part of the School Council. These activities
encourage the sense of community, self-discipline
and responsibility that will be so important to them
as they grow up.