Page 7 - St Joseph's School - Prospectus

Enjoying a game in the Chess Club
We all want to win the Work Shield
Enthusiasm and confidence
very positive results. Children in Year 6 regularly
achieve Scholarships, often from more than
one of the schools and we always get excellent
feedback from these schools about subsequent
progress. We do not ask children to sit entrance
examinations to join us, as we are able to
encourage and develop children no matter what
their previous academic levels.
St Joseph’s always looks to the future and keeps
abreast of modern technology with an excellently
equipped ICT suite and interactive whiteboards
in all the classrooms. We have a proud sporting
tradition and are always looking to provide new
opportunities for different children to succeed,
so as well as the recognised team sports you will
also find archery, squash and ice skating on offer.
The arts are not forgotten either; we offer dance,
drama, musical activities and are renowned for our
theatrical productions.