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St Joseph’s School was founded in 1934 by
the Sisters of Mercy. The initial aim was to
provide an excellent education for the children
of Nottingham’s Catholic community based
on Catholic principles. At that point, and up
until 1990, the school had institutional ties to
the Diocese and Saint Barnabas’ Cathedral.
Although the Sisters of Mercy relinquished
control of the school in 1990 to a Trust made
up predominantly of parents and civic-minded
individuals, the school retained a strong Catholic
ethos and to this day the Bishop has the right of
an appointment to the Board of Trustees.
There have been many developments over the
years; the introduction and development of
the Nursery in the early years of this century
and the subsequent decision to offer Nursery
provision the whole year round has been
particularly useful and welcomed by many
families who have been able to benefit from a
first class, well-equipped and managed Nursery
unit so close to the centre of Nottingham. We
welcome children from many faiths and value
the contribution of a wide and diverse cultural
mix. As a Catholic school we praise and pray
together, each in our own way and recognise
that we all have an equally valued role to play in
our small “family” community.
The school has always maintained positive
and close relationships with both state and
independent senior schools in Nottingham
and Nottinghamshire and prides itself that it
has sent, and continues to regularly send, high
quality candidates forward to such schools as
Dagfa House, Grosvenor, Hollygirt, Nottingham
Boys High, Nottingham Girls High, Trent College,
Kings School Grantham, West Bridgford and
even the Royal Ballet School, with pleasing and
St Joseph
s Prospectus