Page 13 - St Joseph's School - Prospectus

Key stage 2
Years 3 to 6, Juniors aged 7-11
In the Junior Department, children are very often
actively working towards the goal of passing
the entrance examination of a specific school or
schools. St Joseph’s School has a vast experience
of how best to support these preparations,
gained over many years. The children do not shy
from hard work but understand that the gains
are worth the effort. Homework, for instance,
which they have had for a number of years
now, becomes a more important part of their
daily routine and they are encouraged to not
only learn the academic disciplines but to apply
them properly to problem solving situations.
The children know that they set examples of
behaviour and work for the rest of the school
and they rise to the challenge. In the Junior
Department, the children continue to take
part in the School Council but also accept roles
such as prefects and monitors, librarians and
buddies to younger children. We recognise that
such opportunities support the development of
well-rounded and caring individuals as well as
supporting academic excellence. We miss them
when they leave us!